Rebecca Vassie Memorial Award.

I'm delighted to announce that at the start of the month I was awarded the Rebecca Vassie Memorial Award for emerging photographers. I have won a £1200 bursary to complete a project in Israel in early 2017 as well as a show in London and mentoring from Bette Lynch at Getty.

Im honoured and privileged to have been the recipient particularly as Rebecca's Mother & Sister where present at the last round of the competition.  Watch this space in the New Year for more information.

The best picture i've ever taken.

Araminta Mae, Bath, 2016.

Araminta Mae, Bath, 2016.

Photo's are funny things, they mean different things to different people. I should know, i've been fortunate enough to take thousands.

This picture however means the most to me, even more so as I took it. My daughter Minnie, born on September the fifth at 5 PM at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. This picture is a turning point for me as I battle on to new challenges and forge new opportunities. Life is more exciting now and has more meaning, I can't believe I waited so long to be able to take this picture. A photography friend summed it up quite nicely when he wrote "Guessing a few things have changed James. Like now you have something you'd kill for." 

To you dear reader it's another baby picture, to me it's everything. 

Adventures with the Mamiya, a return to film.

Chris at home in Bristol, 2016.

Chris at home in Bristol, 2016.

Sophie and Allen Jnr in Cornwall.

Sophie and Allen Jnr in Cornwall.

So, I have evangelically preached the teachings of digital since 2011 . 

During my second year at University our tutors allowed as to ditch film, I haven't touched it since. For the three years previously I had shot exclusively film. The theory behind this was to make me a better photographer. Limited exposures coupled with having nowhere to hide technically when producing contact sheets for scrutiny exposed sloppy practice.  It worked, but the cost of the process put me off, it still does to an extent, I wanted quick cheap pictures.

In May a good friend loaned me his Mamiya 7 and since I have fallen back in love with the process of film after years of smashing out files and growing weary of shooting gb's for the sake of it. I have now rediscovered the unfettered, organic process of a ten shot roll of 120 Portra, even with the attached price. 

The slowing down of my practice has been refreshing and producing portraits and work a joy despite the financial implications. I'm look forward to sharing more work with you all in the coming months.


Nuances on 2016 so far.

Stanley Donwood shot for Huck Magazine, March, 2016.

Stanley Donwood shot for Huck Magazine, March, 2016.

I'm bad at blogs, not necessarily bad at writing them but definitely bad at keeping on top of them. Since the turn of the year I have been working on assignments and personal work all of which have kept me busy. I've been fortunate enough so far in 2016 to of of had my work published in the FT Magazine, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Huck Magazine and started relationships with design and advertising agencies here in the UK and Germany.

My other main passion is teaching photography, warts and all. I'm looking to further this as the year carries on, next week i'll be off to Cardiff to talk to the people at the University of South Wales's famous Documentary Photography MA course of which I hope to enroll in September to enable me to further my lecturing in a subject that I care so much about. 

This time last year all seemed bleak, I fell out with photography it all seemed like a fruitless exercise at times, no money, no assignments, it's funny how much things can change in a year. In August last year after a few months of skulking and a flirtation with the world of TV a assignment landed on my doorstep out of the blue. I picked the camera up and we made up, our love affirmed and life seemed brighter, things seemed infinitely possible. I'm glad i'm back. 

Introducing the Sulis Project.

Save Bathampton Meadows Campaigners posters, produced to be displayed around Bathampton to give the community voice and to interact with the wider public.

I have started some work closer to home, the aim of this is to capture the people who live in my adopted home city of Bath nestled here in South West England. The city is synonymous with wealth but behind the facade are real people living with real problems.

I will be launching a sister site soon for Sulis Project and aim to document the people living within Bath and their struggles and lives. The philosophy behind Sulis is to work with my community and to give it voice whilst empowering people to tell stories and highlight issues that matter to them. 

More information can be found on The Bath Chronicle  and BBC Radio Bristol sites.