Nuances on 2016 so far.

Stanley Donwood shot for Huck Magazine, March, 2016.

Stanley Donwood shot for Huck Magazine, March, 2016.

I'm bad at blogs, not necessarily bad at writing them but definitely bad at keeping on top of them. Since the turn of the year I have been working on assignments and personal work all of which have kept me busy. I've been fortunate enough so far in 2016 to of of had my work published in the FT Magazine, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Huck Magazine and started relationships with design and advertising agencies here in the UK and Germany.

My other main passion is teaching photography, warts and all. I'm looking to further this as the year carries on, next week i'll be off to Cardiff to talk to the people at the University of South Wales's famous Documentary Photography MA course of which I hope to enroll in September to enable me to further my lecturing in a subject that I care so much about. 

This time last year all seemed bleak, I fell out with photography it all seemed like a fruitless exercise at times, no money, no assignments, it's funny how much things can change in a year. In August last year after a few months of skulking and a flirtation with the world of TV a assignment landed on my doorstep out of the blue. I picked the camera up and we made up, our love affirmed and life seemed brighter, things seemed infinitely possible. I'm glad i'm back.