The best picture i've ever taken.

Araminta Mae, Bath, 2016.

Araminta Mae, Bath, 2016.

Photo's are funny things, they mean different things to different people. I should know, i've been fortunate enough to take thousands.

This picture however means the most to me, even more so as I took it. My daughter Minnie, born on September the fifth at 5 PM at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. This picture is a turning point for me as I battle on to new challenges and forge new opportunities. Life is more exciting now and has more meaning, I can't believe I waited so long to be able to take this picture. A photography friend summed it up quite nicely when he wrote "Guessing a few things have changed James. Like now you have something you'd kill for." 

To you dear reader it's another baby picture, to me it's everything.